Internship Goals – Blog #1

Across the course of my internship in the Women’s Health Resource Center, I would like to write several newsletters that the Resource Center publishes.  I’m currently working on July’s issue of the Lactation Newsletter.  I would like to increase my knowledge about Publisher and Excel, as these are two of the most used programs in my internship position.  I’ve been attending committee meetings with my supervisor, Alli Novara.  I’d like to be able to increase my knowledge of the Women’s Health Program so that I can confidently share my ideas.  By being able to speak up in these meetings, I will gain credibility among the committee members.

Throughout my internship, I hope to gain insight in whether I enjoy working in the hospital environment in healthcare administration.  Since this is now my third week in the internship, I’ve been assigned projects related to Women’s Health.  I’m responsible for advertising and collecting donations for different committees across the Women’s Health Program at the Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital.  One of my goals is to explore whether advertising could be a good fit for me in my future.  In addition, since women’s health and public health have overlapping topics, such as Planned Parenthood, I hope to gain insight into whether I would like to work in a non-profit healthcare organization.  At this point, I think that my main goal from this internship experience is identifying my internships and finding compatible areas of work.

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