Midpoint | blog #4

After working through the first half of my internship, the role was not entirely what I expected, which turned out to be okay! I actually just started the research project that was the main reason my department asked for a summer intern this year. My original goal for this internship was to determine if healthcare administration was something I want to pursue after graduating from the University of Michigan. Just after the first week of my internship, I decided that I really like the environment of working in healthcare, so I do plan to work in healthcare administration in the future. For that reason, I do not think my original goal is the goal of my internship anymore.

At this point, I think it would benefit my workplace leadership skills to make a new goal for my internship. One goal I am thinking about is using excel most efficiently as possible, since I have a few ongoing tasks involving patient lists that are tracked on excel. Another goal is being able to work through difficult situations in a professional manner. I think this is the goal I want to focus on for the remainder of my internship. So far, I have discovered that it is a good idea to relationships professional in the workplace. If problems arise, this helps things seem less like a personal attack.

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