Moving To NYC | #1

Nothing beats to satisfaction of getting the email that you’ve gotten the job. The job you drafted 10 cover letters for, sent what seemed like thousands of annoying networking emails, and spent hours online researching. For me, this email came in April when I found out I would be interning at WeWork in New York City.

After the initial euphoria of securing my summer internship wore off, I came to realize one small thing– I had no where to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

My friend and I spent hours researching different housing options- from different university dorms, to subletting apartments on Craiglslist. We eventually decided our best option was to live in the New School dorms in the East Village, an easy 20 minute walk to work for both of us.

When the day finally came to fly to New York city to move into my home for the summer, I was excited, but also really nervous. I was moving into a city that I had never spent more than a few weeks in without any family.
I took a cab into the city from La Guardia airport with my three suitcases and box filled with bedding and easily checked into my dorm room where I would live for 10 weeks.

Once I had unpacked all my belongings, my roommate and I went out to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Trader Joe’s to by all the other little things we would need for the summer. I felt a lot like moving into the dorms freshman year.

Although it took a few days, we now feel so comfortable in our neighborhood– it almost feels like home!

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