Opportunities and Challenges | #1

Describe opportunities and challenges that you foresee your internship presenting.

Background: I am currently working as a software engineer intern at General Dynamics Land Systems (a branch of General Dynamics which is a global aerospace and defense company). The branch I work at focuses on land systems – mainly Abrams and Stryker tanks.

Almost halfway through with this internship, I have encountered many challenges along the way and experiences that I am thankful to have.


A lot of the technology that is used at the company is outdated. Many times, my co-workers will explain a specific technology they use, and I will think that I don’t know what it is, but I do, just a newer version with a different name.

The demographic at the company is that of an older generation. There is an apparent generational gap in terms of how other co-workers may talk to me or relate to me in casual conversation.

As someone who is passionate about the tech field, it’s important for me to feel that the coding or work I do is valuable. As an intern, however, it is hard to move into fun and challenging projects when the programs are mission critical and there can be no mistakes.


The location that I work at only makes prototypes. All the design that comes from my work location goes to a manufacturing plant in Lima, Ohio. On a work day, the interns took an all expense paid trip to the manufacturing plant to see how the tanks are made.

I get to talk to and work with a variety of engineers – Software, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, etc. This is a really unique experience because there are no integrative engineering classes at school.

I have gained a lot of career and life advice starting from reasons why I should go to graduate school to why I should start saving for retirement now.

I can finally see all of my class work applied to a real life application, and I get to learn about new technologies.

So far, my experience has had its ups and downs, but ultimately, I feel even more passionate about working in the computer science field!


No one is allowed to take pictures anywhere on the company property so a lot of my featured photos will be from Google 🙂


Class of 2019 University of Michigan Studying Computer Science

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