Whoa We’re Halfway There

Hard to believe I’m already halfway done! As I start the second half of my internship, I also know that in the blink of an eye I’ll be back in Ann Arbor for the second half of that journey.

At the beginning of the summer, I set the goals of learning to work in a workplace environment and determining if this is what I wanted to do with my life.

I think I’m doing a pretty good job at growing outside of myself. I’m making a very conscious effort to push myself. I eat lunch with my fellow interns and spend a lot of time talking with my coworkers. One of the big challenges for myself was to also make sure I reach out and ask for help when needed. On our projects, I am trusting my other interns to do their share rather than panicking.  One day, when I did start to feel overwhelmed with deadlines and items, I went to one of my supervisors and told her how I was feeling and asked her how she normally handles these situations.  I’m not always good at asking for help, but I knew I needed someone to assist before I made matters worse for myself.  Asking for help is not something I would always do, so noticing this need and doing something about it showed big growth for me.


Another of my goals is to figure out if this is what I want to do with my life.  This is still a work in progress, but as I see this is the topic of a future blog post, I will save the more in depth explanation for then!
Overall, I think I’m doing well.  I finish tasks quickly and to the best of my abilities and always ask for more.  I don’t always do things perfectly-I rarely do, in fact-but I am not getting down on myself when I get feedback. I’m an intern! I’m new at this! I’ve never written a creative brief before so when it comes back with tons of suggestions, I recognize that I made a good start, but that this is a learning process. I will continue to push myself and do the best I can to soak up everyone’s wisdom.

Also in regards to my other summer journey: I am through a season and a third of Mad Men! I’m well on my way to being a real advertising expert (said with a heavy hand of sarcasm).


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  • July 9, 2017 at 12:17 am

    Hi again! I am really curious, what did your supervisor tell you when you asked her how she dealt with stressful deadlines?


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