Working remotely – #2

My internship is remote because my team members are located in all different cities in the US, so I spend most of my mornings working in coffee shops (except for the occasional day that one of my team members is in town). One of the nice things about working remotely is that you can build it into travel plans. When I was out in Annapolis for a wedding I was able to still “go to work” and also explore a new coffee shop in the process (as pictured above).

What is cool about working remotely is that I have a lot of autonomy, and it is also teaching me to communicate better. I put a lot more thought in on the front end of a project because I can’t rely on my supervisor being readily available at the moment when I have a question. But, as a result of that intentionality, I feel that I have a really good relationship with the people I work with!

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