Blog #2 – Open Office Style

After my week or so working at Mission Measurement, I certainly know much more about the work culture and atmosphere than I did before. I absolutely love the office environment. MM is a small company with only about 30 people as full-time workers. Within those 30, only about 2o come to the office each and everyday (C-suite executives are there sporadically). Even within those 20, the office is ‘divided’ into consulting and big data. When I say ‘divided’ I mean technically by position names, but everyone intermingles, communicates, and works together no matter what their official position is. The office is very forward thinking and collaborative.

I have one main supervisor, Brock. Physically, I sit next to Brock, but I am also across from a VP and an investment strategist, so the office is even mixed with where we are physically sitting. I sit in a corner cubicle (all cubicles are small height wise so everyone can see each other), which is nice because I have a great view, being on the 26th floor, but I also see less of the action within the office.

There is definitely great amount to work to get done, but it is a very relaxed culture. People generally arrive in anytime between 9-10:30 am and stay until 6 pm. While working, it is normal to hear side conversations, chatter, gossip, and work-related meetings and calls because the office is so open, and you can hear everything. Overall, I like the small, close-knit environment that it seems to be so far, and look forward to getting to know the interns and professionals much better as I continue working.

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