Halfway Through | #3

The big picture above features my coworkers and I dabbing, while our supervisor is standing there awkwardly because he really didn’t want to dab with us. 🙁

Here I am, back at it again with another post which details my study abroad and internship journey.

Last time, I posted about coming to Hong Kong. But I didn’t realize how fast time went by and it’s been a month since I’ve arrive to Hong Kong — what!? How did time go by so fast? I’ve been in Hong Kong halfway already. It’s scary how fast time flies.

Halfway means four weeks for me, which means I’ve interned for four weeks now. So what do I do? I’m an underwriting risk intern at Atradius – a trade credit insurance company. I’ve been learning how to evaluate companies by seeing how healthy they are AKA whether or not their trends have been increasing or decreasing. At first, this internship was a struggle for me because a lot of the work I do are things I’ve never touched based on in any of my classes. I was also not given a lot of in personal training, so I kind of had to “wing” a lot of things. However, after asking numerous questions and getting some feedback, I’ve learned to enjoy it a bit more after working on cases for two weeks. While it is not something I incredibly enjoy, I definitely have learned a lot about a company’s health and how to find the necessary information as to why things may have happened.

It’s honestly been wild though. Even though most of my schedule is work from 9-6 Monday to Fridays, I’ve also made good friends with my coworkers. We always eat for lunch together and have adapted the motto of “treat yourself everyday because life is hard and you should be good to yourself”. One of my coworkers, Coco, and I definitely enjoy getting lunch at this restaurant called Sushi JUN near the Wan Chai station. It’s definitely our favorite place as of the four weeks we’ve been getting food around our work area. I’m glad I’m able to grab fancy food with her whenever (and she’s always down too, so that’s the best part). My other coworker Gabriel sometimes joins us but he kind of backs off a little when we treat ourselves too much.

Two weekends ago, some people in my program and I went to Vietnam for a couple of days! It was great that we got to tour around parts of Vietnam – our entire tour (that lasted 9-10 hours) was only $25 USD. This included food, long transportation and visiting so many great places such as the underground tunnels and this island that allowed us to hold a snake, see a bee farm and lots of authentic Vietnamese eats. I definitely recommend stopping by Vietnam if you are nearby. The flights aren’t too bad if you book early and the pho here is awesome. (If you want to be updated on food in Asia, you’re welcome to follow my instagram @looneat_tunes to experience Asian food culture through my pictures!)

I wish I had more energy to explore more of Hong Kong but on Saturdays, I just like to relax and hang out with friends who live in Hong Kong. It’s a nice way to regain my energy since a lot of it is drained from long hours of work. Sundays have been great going to church with some of my fellow friends. But besides that, I don’t really have more to say. Regardless, it’s been a great time and fun experience at my internship and getting to experience the culture here in Hong Kong more.

See you next time!

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  • June 26, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Ailun, your internship sounds like it had a bit of a learning curve, but I’m glad that you’ve overcome a lot of it! I can’t believe the tour in Vietnam was only $25 USD – definitely a great opportunity if you’re already on that side of the world.


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