India x Raymond Part 4; Trekking


It’s been a little while since my last couple blogs, which have been about teaching in India. Well, that’s over now, so I guess I should have a blog about other stuff I’ve done in India, and then cap it off with a final reflection for my last blog. And that’ll be five. Wow.


Since I stayed in a homestay in India, and not a hotel, I have lots of great memories from living and adventuring in India. But, the craziest and most unique thing I’ve done has to be the trek I took for five days through the Himalayas.


The first great thing about the trek is the price. I went with a tour group, and the quality of service we had was amazing. In the US, for the amount of service we received our trek would cost at least $1,000, I would say. But since I did the trek in India it cost less than $200!



Perhaps even more impressive than the price, however, the views and terrain of the Himalayas brought the whole group together like nothing else could’ve. For me, it not only made me consider my position in life a little deeper, it also helped me realize what a large and diverse country India is. It’s easy to see India is big on a map, but it’s even bigger in person, let me tell you. While it’s 45 C and roasting in Delhi, it’s barely 5 C and windy up in the Himalayas, and perhaps even colder. So, I guess the take-away from this blog is that if you’re in India, and able to go for a trek, do it. You won’t regret it.

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  • June 29, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    That view looks amazing! Sometimes we can get so caught up in work/life that we forget how big the world actually is. I can definitely see how inspiring and humbling the Himalayas can be.


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