Treasury’s Quarters | #2

The U.S. Treasury Department building is the oldest departmental building in Washington, and the third oldest federally occupied building in the city. The Main Treasury Building (right next to the White House) covers five stories and a raised basement and sits on 5 acres of ground. Within these grounds includes statues of Alexander Hamilton and Albert Gallatin, the first and fourth Secretary of Treasuries, respectively). On a more interesting note, these grounds are valued at $8 million and on the inside it’s not hard to see why- portraits depicting Treasury’s history, golden accents, marble, 18 columns, etc.


Despite its grandiose interiors and exteriors, the U.S. Treasury department has been intimate as the employees in this governing body have an open door policy for interns for saying hi, networking, etc. At first, it was hard to act on the open door policy as most employees have their doors closed as you walk around and pass their offices. However, it truly is an open door policy and I am glad I have been able to meet other Treasury employees and interns on other floors and offices, each of whom serve the Treasury in different ways.


Although the open door policy has made Treasury  more welcoming, I am still not accustomed to the security entrances and exits and the roaming Secret Service Guards. I am not sure when I will get accustomed to this, but it comes with the internship and the work environment.

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