Blog 2: Problems Already

So, since my last blog, I have renewed my work on my coding and with new speed. Working twice as fast as I don’t have any classes to take up most of my time. But it does not matter how much you work or how fast you can get things done if your code if wrong. That what I learn when I had to present my work at my weekly meeting and realized that I had to go all the way back to step one and fix some file. Which took all of last week because the file I was using was not mine so I could not work on it alone. But I have to accept most, if not all, the blame as it was caused by me not paying attention. This is bad for me in two big ways. One, I lost about a week of time and two, I am supposed to be a senior member of my lab now. I can’t exactly help others who are new when I making such simple mistake. But I have work in about five labs now and one thing that I learn from my time is that you will always make mistakes, no matter how good you are or how long you been. The thing that matters is that you try to make your mistakes as small as possible and that you learn how to fix them when they do happen.  That what I doing now. Let hope that it all goes well.

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