Blog post #2: Working culture

Work culture to me means the physical working environment, the interaction between co-workers and also leaders, and the management style of a company. For me, an ideal working environment is having a nice office, friendly co-workers, open working environment, and close-knit group.

I just finished my second week in Huarong International. Although I am a Chinese myself, I started living overseas since I was 14 years old. Thus, I am more used to western culture than Asian culture. I am not only adjusting myself to the company, work environment, but also the city and Chinese working culture.

Right now, the company has over 30 employees, but there is two office in two separate buildings. I am working in the assets management group, which is located in the second building. Therefore, I don’t have many chances to meet co-workers in the first building. The co-workers in our building are very friendly. While working, it is normal to hear conversations and chatters. The company has two hours lunch hours. During lunch hours, our group always eat lunch together. Afterward, some co-workers play phone games together. The working environment is very relaxed and comfortable. However, Co-workers rarely introduce themselves or talk to new co-workers or interns.

It seems like it’s newcomers’ responsibility to blend in and introduce themselves to everyone. There are only two interns in the company right now. Full-time employees always have to go on business trips, so we are not as close to the group as other full-time workers. Also, the relationship between supervisor and workers is more distanced. Workers always call their supervisor Boss + surname and have to show respect to the supervisor. The team building activity is not as often as well, but it seems like workers get along with each other very well.

I have already interned in few companies in different countries, and every company has quite different working cultures. I think that the working culture of a small company depends on the CEO and managers, and for a big company, the working culture depends on the supervisor/manager of the group. Although everyone has an ideal working culture in mind, It is hard to say which one is good or bad. As a newcomer to a company, it is our responsibility to adjust ourselves to the working environment and culture, and get most out of the experience. In the future, I think my task is to be more open-minded to all types of personality and culture and to try my best to blend in.

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