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I will start by saying I have worked in one of the most diverse offices in the nation during my time with the DC Public Defender Service. There, I became a part of a team composed of attorneys, law clerks, and interns from all walks of life and education levels. I found that experience to be extremely rewarding and definitely will be one I never forget.


Since I work in such a specific field, as a GOP media analytics firm, and it is a small office, everyone comes from somewhat similar backgrounds. About half of the office has studied computer science and the other, political science. These two fields come together to create Deep Root, which works with political campaigns’ media buyers to assist clients and their teams in getting the best bang for their buck. I often find while talking to my coworker, she knows little about politics and all about coding, while I am the opposite. It is great to see how we tackle challenges with our two different backgrounds to get tasks done.

While Deep Root is not the most diverse office, I find it sometimes comforting to be similar to my coworkers. DC is, obviously, an extremely political city. While working at the Public Defender Service, I often did not agree with the opinions of any of my coworkers and found it difficult to discuss current events without arguments forming. Here, I am able to express my opinions without repercussions.


While I love working in diverse offices and believe they are important in order to get many points of view while accomplishing tasks, I believe achieving great diversity in such small, specific fields may be difficult for offices such as Deep Root.


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