First Week on the Job | #2

My first week has concluded, and it’s been an interesting experience so far. I’ve been slowly getting trained on the daily processes in the research department of the broker Auerbach Grayson, and it’s not quite what I expected. From 7 to roughly 11 in the morning, we do processes relating to the research reports we receive from Grayson’s partners across the globe, mostly from Western Europe and Asia as far as I can discern. It’s been mostly a learning process for me for the first 2 days, and it’ll take me a week or slightly more to get fully into the motions.

I’ve also discovered that I’m one of 6 interns working here for the summer, but also the latest to start. My fellow interns are mostly from the east coast, and close to my age as well. They’ve been very helpful in getting me acclimated and teaching me what to do. Due to my 30-hour schedule, I worked Monday through Wednesday this week. However, we had a special event on Wednesday. A conference held in a hotel in mid-town Manhattan, this conference was an event to bring small and mid-cap Spanish companies with American investors, I was working to set the conference up logistically on Tuesday, and attended and helped the attendees on Wednesday. From the conference, I learned a lot about the work that goes into the set-up and the procedures of a conference, and how 1-on-1 meetings happen. I’m looking forward to more research work next week, but the conference work was definitely tiring!

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