Informational Interview In The Work Place

I conducted an informational interview with someone in my workplace. The company I am at only consists of 2 full time employees, so the pool of people to choose from was very small. However, I was interested in learning more about this particular person because of her involvement with activities outside of advertising, and Ohio. She got a degree in Communications and Equestrian studies, had has taken advantage of both of the degrees she has earned. She originally was managing horse shows, teaching lessons and other related things. However, after many years of horse shows, she wanted to commit to a full time job. She unexpectedly got into producing when a friend she knew through horses wanted help producing a television show for the Cleveland Browns. And a few years later, a connection through her husband led her to the job she has today with Mean Joe Advertising. Through all of her experiences, the one thing she wanted me to take away from it was the importance of connections and networking. She wouldn’t have discovered the two opportunities, if it weren’t for the people that she knew.

We also talked about the consideration of working in a big city versus the cost of living. She said if she could re do one part of her life, it would be moving away from home right after college. Because the cost of living alone and the income she was making made it difficult to balance. Now this has been something that I have been considering for a little while. The one and only time I visited California, I fell in love with it. However, I do know that I would be saving a lot of money by living and finding a job in Cleveland where the cost of living is much lower. So, I have been contemplating about whether or not I should live in a place where I would be happy and want to explore, or if I should live in a place that would allow me to financially stable and secure. I still don’t have the answer to this for myself, but it has been helpful to ask the opinions of the different people that I have run into.

In the end, I realized the importance of gaining the opinions of people that are pursuing a field similar to the one that I want to. But, I also know that I need to make this decision for myself, and what will make myself the most happy in the end.


I am a Communications student at the University of Michigan. I love singing, graphic design, and anything creative.

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  • July 27, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Whatever decision you make will be right for you. If you still have another year to intern, try exploring a big city!


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