Learning on the Job | #3

My second week concluded as of this Friday, and it was a fairly rough week. I definitely improved in a lot areas concerning the day-to-day research work, but the abundance of downtime and my procrastinating tendencies got the best of me. I still did good work and was focused well enough for a majority of the time, but I had some difficulties due to technical problems and some things I didn’t know about yet. Overall, I ended the week on a much more positive note, but the second day in particular was quite the learning experience.

This week I worked on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I spent a lot of time with my fellow interns as well as some of the research/sales teams. I also worked at the front desk for the last two days, getting experience for front desk duties such as helping with meeting set-ups and greeting visitors. I had to balance the morning routine of the research interns with the attention-heavy front desk work, which is why I had such a hard time. With some help from my supervisor and my more experienced peers, I was able to get the hang of the work within a day.

Physically, the office is fairly small, with the reception, the 3 meeting rooms right past them, the sales floor on the right, the cubicles in the back (where most of my time is spent), the kitchen and printers, and the meeting room upstairs. There is a quaint feeling to the office, and I’m getting to explore slowly but surely. Assignments and daily work take me to different areas of the office, and I like the cozy environment, everyone is a short walk or a phone call away if I need any help or have a question. Everyone helps each other, and co-ordination seems to be incredibly important. I like this work culture, but would prefer a more leadership-oriented position in my work life. However, I appreciate the experience I’ve gotten these past couple weeks regardless.

Reflecting at the rest of the week, I think I’ve definitely improved in my work ethic, and I can improve further with the advice I was given at the end of the week. I will start asking more questions when appropriate and not hesitate when it’s up to me to make decisions.

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