The Arrival| #1



Hello, my name is Raúl and I am volunteering in the beautiful city of Cusco in Perú. I will be assisting the elderly in a nursing home not too far from the main city Plaza. Upon my arrival, I immediately noticed the beautiful architecture of the magnificent city that is Cusco. The impact of the Incan culture is evident as you walk through cobblestone streets and view the Incan walls and buildings. June is the month that celebrates the city of Cusco. The people here dress up in traditional clothing and perform dances passed down from their ancestors to celebrate the city of Cusco. Cusco is a city that is many meters above sea level, and I felt the effects of the altitude immediately. A simple walk uphill would leave me out of breath. Cusco is a safe city to be in, but I was warned that because Cusco is a city with lots of tourism too be wary of pickpockets.

I came to Perú already fluent in Spanish so navigating through the country was relatively simple. However, I was told by team leader Rafael that my project of assisting the elderly is made up primarily of indigenous people who do not speak Spanish and only speak their native language of Quechua. I foresee that navigating through the language barrier will be difficult at first, but through persistence and cooperation I believe this obstacle can be overcome. I was attracted to this project because I believe elders have so much to teach us because of their knowledge and life experience. I am both excited and nervous to begin my project in the coming days.



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  • June 29, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    The clothing and architecture look so beautiful in the photos! I hope you learn a lot from your internship and are able to explore the amazing city 🙂 Excited to read about your time abroad.


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