The News Cycle | Blog Post #2

Since starting this internship, I have developed an even greater appreciation of how quickly the news cycle evolves. As is expected of my position, I partake in daily news briefings and throughout the day, I frequently check my own Twitter feed to stay up-to-date on the current events in Israel and the rest of the Middle East. Each day there is always at least one news item that progresses a major story-line in the Middle East–whether that’s the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, actions by Iran and its proxies, the Syrian Civil War, or the developing diplomatic pressure placed on Qatar. I think all too often, people view these dynamics as static and unchanging, when in reality, they are always in discussion and changing.

Aside from keeping up with the news cycle, another responsibility of mine is to produce a minimum 2,000 word long-form essay each week, on any given topic. After receiving feedback from my editor on a piece I wrote last week, I realized that I made quite a few rushed decisions with the structure and substance of my piece. After resubmitting the essay with revisions, I approached my next essay with these issues in mind. I feel more confident with my latest essay as I used my previous errors as a means of improving my writing. I look forward to the edits I receive Monday and hope they signify a clear improvement.

All the writing can be a lot of work, so it’s always great to take a break and experience what D.C. has to offer. Just recently, I saw a Washington Nationals baseball game and was impressed with what I saw! The Nationals have quite the fans. Anyways here is a picture from that night.

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