The People in My Lab | #3

I’m extremely grateful to have such a great mentor. My mentor is a third year graduate student, and I’ve learned so much from her and will continue to do so. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, but she also teaches me about things besides how to perform skills or information about chemistry, such as how to be a good scientist and important habits or skills to have to be productive researcher. This is part of what makes her a great mentor. A mentor shouldn’t just be a mentor in one regards but should help you grow in many ways. My mentor has taught me all the fundamentals I know for organic chemical laboratory work. She tells me all the tips and tricks that I wouldn’t be able to learn otherwise, and it’s made my lab work easier. She also makes sure to explain things in great detail. When explaining a new reaction to me, she discusses all components of the reaction, what observations are expected, safety precautions. Her thorough explanations are really helpful and I feel like I gain a lot of knowledge each time. Besides just teaching me about organic chemistry, she also informs me about grad school and research in general. She has an admirable work ethic and really demonstrates success with hard work. Additionally, she’s a lot of fun to be around. She brings a lot of laughter and life into lab and she definitely makes lab more fun to be in.

I’ve been in this lab since the school year so I’ve interacted with my mentor for some time now. But beforehand, I didn’t interact as much with other lab members because of my schedule. I would come into lab to work and leave because of classes and schoolwork. Now that I’m here everyday for extended hours during the summer, I’ve gotten closer to many of them. I’ve had meals with them and gotten more comfortable around them. Personally, I’m glad that I’ve been able to come out of my shell more and engage with them as friends and not just acquaintances. Additionally, I learn so much from everyone in the lab. I’m able to ask them questions and since my lab is interdisciplinary, I’m learning a lot about different subjects and skills. They also teach me a lot outside of science. Since I want to go to grad school, everyone in lab is at a place where I want to be in the future. Being in a lab with grad students has really shown me a lot of what life as a grad student is like, such as the work environment and expectations, and this helps prepare me for my future.

I’m truly grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and get to work with here and I look forward to spending more time with them and learning from them.

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