Approaching Adulthood | #6

Last week I wrote about the group of kids we hosted and this week I will do the same. This week however, the kids were a bit older – rising seniors from an international school in Tokyo. I was excited to work with them because they are close to my age and they all speak English. It was definitely much easier for me to connect with this group than with the younger kids. But they made me think a lot about when I was that age, which is strange because it wasn’t all that long ago now, just 4 years ago. Is there an age requirement for using the phrase “well, when I was young…”??

It takes a point of reference to realize just how different things are. On a normal day I don’t feel “old,” I’m just as I am in that moment. So to be given the reference point of a group of 17 year olds suddenly I felt old. During their stay they had a lot of time set aside for working on college applications and it brought me back. But when I thought about my experience of completing applications I realized that I could not remember anything that I put into any of my admission essays. That’s when I realized just how much I have changed since high school and how I’ve begun to leave my childhood behind. (as dramatic as that sounds)

But they also made me realize something else – I’m in their same position but just at a different point in my life. As a rising senior in college maybe I’m not applying for school but I am planning for the rest of my life. How interesting that it was put into perspective for me while I am so far from school and my responsibilities. Adulthood is approaching it seems and I should start preparing just like I did for university. This internship has also given me a look into what my life might be like after university because it’s almost like a trial run of what I might do after I graduate. I’ll be in a new location with new people and I’ll have to readjust all over again. If there’s anything I’ve learned from this experience it’s that I’m confident in my ability to rise to the challenge of whatever life may throw at me next.

Making rope braids to catch hoya eggs
On the boat with a local fisherman
Cutting bamboo to cook rice in
The bamboo rice was used for our community lunch party

One thought on “Approaching Adulthood | #6

  • June 26, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Bamboo rice is so good!!

    It’s interesting to me to look back a few years and realize what things I no longer remember. So much of what seemed really important in middle school or high school no longer sticks out, and it’s interesting to think how much things I don’t remember shaped who I am today.

    I love what you said about knowing that you will be able to rise to the challenge in your post-grad life – your adaptability in adjusting to Japan will definitely transfer to other parts of your life. 🙂


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