Blog 5- Obstacles

For me, the biggest challenge I had during this internship was figuring out the court system, especially the probate court. Last week I was asked to go down to the Wayne County Probate Court to obtain certified copies of certain documents that were needed for a client’s case. I drove down there early in the morning, and the court opened at 8am. I had one reference number and an email with some directions as to what I needed to gather. I arrived at the courthouse, nervous I was going to collect the wrong documents, and got in line with other visitors. Everyone else had a stack full of papers in their hands ready to gather what they needed. I had nothing, but a case number on my phone. After signing in, and anxiously waiting to be helped, I was finally called up to the counter. The man helping me took what seemed like a very long time to gather 3 certified copies and was very vague with our conversations After some time, he called me back up to the counter handed me the 3 certified copies, I wrote my check to the court and was on my way. The whole drive back to Ann Arbor I was worried I had made a trip to Detroit and gather the completely wrong documents. However, in the end, I had gather everything needed for this client. It was an adventure and a challenge all at the same time, but going forward I will feel much more confident walking in the a court house to gather documents.

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