Blog Post 4

As this is midway through my internship, I believe my goals continue to accurately describe my experience. I believe my experience has reinforced my goals, as it has buttressed why I believe one should gain from an internship. I do not know a way my goals could be directly quantifiable, as they do not involve anything that can directly relate to any result on paper. The goal I can think of that could relate to quantifiable results are improving my communication skills. Increasing my communication skills may lead to a larger social network that can be seen through a larger network on Linkedin.

I believe I am a quick learner, and I am able to adapt to new learning environments very quickly. I also believe I am able to complete tasks very well independently and with very little help from my supervisors. Therefore, I am able to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

A continued area of personal growth would be to take initiative and to network outside of the scope of my department. I have met and talk to the individuals in my department daily, however an area of growth I would like to continue is speaking and networking with individuals outside of my department. Networking is critical in shaping professional social networks after my internship is over, and there are many individuals who I should try to speak to outside of my department.

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