Culture | #2

To me, work culture encompasses the underlying principles and values the organization holds strongly to its core business, and how these values motivate the firms’ employees to work to their full potential to reach a common goal. The culture here at Treasury Partners emphasizes the client’s best interest, and how the employees all work together to propose the best solutions for the client, leading to the most ideal situation for client. As money managers, Treasury Partners is fiduciary, meaning that no matter what solutions are proposed, members of the team always prioritize the client’s best interest. In my ideal work environment, the most important element for me to grow professionally is through feedback. When it comes to profession, the only way to learn is through experience. I know I am going to make mistakes, and I look forward to making mistakes because mistakes are the only way you can learn. Within my ideal work environment, I would love feedback on my conduct as well as projects completed to help me further develop my skills as well as be cognizant of what I must work on.

Physically, the work environment here at Treasury Partners is tight-knit, which I enjoy. The office is one floor, and desks are connected so that each employee works in a close proximity to one another. This set-up allows for the common goal of obtaining the client’s best interest to be reached because all employees can easily communicate throughout the day in order to make sure they are on the same page on collaborating projects. The environment does match my work style because I love team work and working with other people, and that is all we do at Treasury Partners, and this set up forces team work, which is nice. This established work style has forced me to come out of my shell a bit and talk to more senior people in the firm, which has been extremely beneficial for me.

For my career launch, I would definitely like to be in this type of environment because it encourages socialization and question asking. As an entrant to the industry, I am going to have a lot of questions and I know I won’t know everything about the industry to adequately do my job, and that is where you can rely on your colleagues, and this type of environment encourages that, which I love.

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