Dublin: Scheduling, a Heatwave, and some cool Cliffs [2 & 3]

Swept up in the oh-so-busy lifestyle of an intern, I failed to write my week two post, so here is a combined version of two and three!

Work at Zeeko, the internet safety startup, has been busy, busy, busy! Although the work culture is quite lax (we do take generous coffee breaks), I’ve had more work than I originally imagined I would. However, this is not a complaint, not in the least bit. I am glad they have trusted me with so many tasks, and they are enjoyable ones at that. We also now have a timeline of competition dates! I am especially grateful for this schedule, for in the beginning, I did not have one, making pacing my work rather difficult. I’d diligently crank out an assignment, just to find out that I’d have nothing else for days… Alas, that problem has been alleviated. We are on track to complete five new internet safety presentations, with all of the lesson plans, research, and content generation included in that, by time my internship is done!

I figured since my last blog focused rather heavily on the excessive rain, I should give an update on that. The title is a bit of a spoiler alert… Yes, we had a heatwave! A good ole Irish heatwave of 75 degrees Fahrenheit! Woohoo! My fellow American interns and I couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Heatwaves back home range from upper 90’s to all the way up in the 100’s. My coworkers could hardly believe it.

The brilliant weather came in perfect timing for exploring, celebrating, and welcoming a friend from home! As shown in my featured photo, my intern group and I travelled to the Cliffs of Moher last week! As my friend Olivia and I were taking photos with the Michigan flag, someone shouted “Go Blue!” Wolverines really are everywhere! Aside from the Cliffs, we visited the Burrens, an area rich in limestone, and Galway, which you’ve probably heard of from the Ed Sheeran song. Dublin was also in full-out celebration mode this past weekend because of Pride! The Pride parade was a place full of love, peace, laughter, and acceptance, and it was an incredible thing to be a part of. In light of the election of Ireland’s first openly gay prime minister, they really went all out this year! Finally, my week was further improved by the presence of my friend, Natalie, from home! She had been doing a umich study abroad program in Santiago, Spain, and she decided to check out Dublin before heading back to the States! It was grand having a familiar face and a piece of home around for a bit!

Barack Obama Plaza, created in honor of Obama’s Irish ancestor!
Exploring Howth with Natalie!
Cliffs of Moher!
The Burrens, or, as they are affectionately called, the Little Cliffs
Dublin Pride Parade!


Natalie and I at the Pride parade!

2 thoughts on “Dublin: Scheduling, a Heatwave, and some cool Cliffs [2 & 3]

  • June 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    So awesome that you got to attend the Pride Parade in Dublin!

  • June 26, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    I feel you about forgetting to post! My time abroad has been so fun so far time keeps flying by. I hope that is a good indication that you are enjoying your time in Dublin.


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