First week jitters | Blog # 1

After a few weeks of summer, and not really doing too much, it was finally time to begin work. It was my first week and I really did not know what to expect working at a job in the financial world. Being a student in the School of Information, I have not been exposed to business and financial concepts like a Ross student has been. With this said I was nervous but ready to learn. The company that I am interning at is called S2K Partners, and the fund that I am working on serves the purpose of a third party lender to private equity sponsors and private companies. My first task was to try to gain a better understanding of how S2K structures deals as well as how private equity companies work. This involved them providing me with past term sheets and other materials that laid out the structure of loans as well as the due diligence work that went into analyzing the private companies involved in the deals. To say the least, I was extremely overwhelmed with so many financial terms and processes that I had never heard of before. I spent most of my time googling all of the items that I did not understand and composing a list of questions on things I needed further explanation on. After doing this for some time, my boss thought it would be beneficial if I sat in on a meeting going over their analysis of one of the deals they were currently trying to win. In the meeting, I felt as if I was in a foreign language class that I had never been exposed to before. The whole time, I was trying to write down things that I had not heard of or did not understand. While I was overwhelmed, I definitely felt that I was slowly picking up on things. My main concern coming into the internship, and going forward, is that I am not a Ross student and have not been exposed to many of the concepts that I have and will encounter. This requires me to be a fast learner and try to absorb as much information as quickly as possible. While my first week was tough, I am starting to understand more and more each day and will continue to take things one step at a time.

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