Goals & Gains

As my internship begins there are many things going through my head. To start, I would like to set one large goal and something I hope to gain from this internship at Levy Restaurants at the StubHub Center. My main goal is to meet new people and build connections. Levy is a very large company and the more people I meet and make life connections with the better off I will be in my future endeavors whether that be working for Levy or another hospitality group. Furthermore, I feel as though I will learn many new techniques and processes by meeting new people; I just have to make sure I ask them educated questions. In regards to what I hope to gain from this experience…I hope to gain more knowledge of the food industry in stadiums. As I have mainly worked in the front of the house in restaurants, this is a back of the house job at many times with many more variables within the system compared to just a restaurant. Perhaps, I will be better at using excel and taking inventory on certain products. Additionally, with this experience under my belt I should be able to conserve to a large team, as there are so many team members here.


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