“Hi! Let me fix a mistake…” |#2

Oh, jeez! No one likes messing up– and no one likes ‘fessing up to it either. However, during my second week with American Ballet Theatre, I got a chance to test my reaction to my mistakes.

One of my tasks involves creating rubrics for examiners of the ABT National Training Curriculum. Simply, a certified examiner will go to a studio and watch students perform a memorized class… and, the examiner will use an already made rubric for scoring the specific level that the class is taught at. It all sounds simple, however, there are various ways to find and edit these rubrics for each student for each teacher for each studio.

My error appears when I may have used the wrong rubric for the wrong level for about 20 students because I thought “Primary” would be equivalent to “Level 1” rubrics. (Fun fact: it is not the same) . And… I may have realized this a week after I already submitted the rubrics.

Further, naturally, the given day of discovery is also the day that the examiner is testing those students! I was mortified! Here I was, trying to be a good intern for this amazing organization, and I mess something up already. So, I sprung up from my chair and looked for one of my managers at her desk. No luck. I rush out the office and down some stairs where I very almost run into her.

“Hi!” I pant. “I hope you have a moment. I made a mistake, but I will fix it if you will let me.”

I explained what mistake I made, why I made it, and how I was going to fix it. Thankfully, my manager didn’t think it was too big of an issue. She’d email the examiner to let her know, and I’d make the new rubrics as soon as possible.


I’m really glad the reaction to my mistake was minor because the stress I felt while telling her about my slip up was really intense.  My first mistake taught me to be more careful about work that others will also have to use as well as to always ask questions when unsure of what to do!

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