Informational Interview #1, Blog 4/8. Within the Company

Informational interviews with people within the company help get to know employees on a personal level and to also learn more about the company. I connected with a lady within the company who has a job title that interests me. She is in charge of Marketing Services and I connected with her because I wanted to learn more about what she does on a day-to-day basis, what her goals are, and what led her to this job. In this interview, I learned that she works with media to reach her goals and that she learned a lot on the job and had to think on her feet. She said that the Creative Services people are the designers and work with the Marketing Services while the Commercial Sales team sends all the logos. I also learned that college goes by fast and that studying abroad and taking internships will help put value on the college experience. Further, I learned to have an open mind and take opportunities whether they were in my planned path or not. I want to apply my learning to the remainder of my internship by having an open mind to new assignments that I have not planned on taking on. Going for opportunities like that will help me learn and grow more. In terms of my educational pursuits, I plan to soak up every moment of college and take classes that I would not have taken otherwise but that spark my interest. I also plan to study abroad. In addition, for my career, I want to be willing to take an opportunity in a place that I may not have considered before or a job title I would not have considered in order to be open to new paths. Overall, it was a very fruitful informational interview.

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