Learning About What I Want To Do As A Career | #6

My internship experience has been a wonderful opportunity for many reasons. I learned a lot about the many different aspects of advertising, outside of digital and internet. I was very surprised at the success of other media channels such as radio, print newspapers, and mail-ins, and coupons. I have also learned more technical skills that I will definitely be able to take away once the internship has ended. That being said this internship has showed me aspects of my career choice that I enjoy and others that I do not.

I always knew I did not want to have a full time job where I would be sitting at a desk all day, no matter what I was doing at the desk. However, I realized that if I want to do solely graphic design, I would be doing just that. Sitting in front of a computer, at a desk, pointing and clicking all day. So, I want to figure out a career that would allow me to dabble in different aspects of creative design, so that I am not always sitting at a desk all day. 

In terms of exploring my path of study at Michigan, I want to take advantage of my free time to explore new extracurricular activities, and clubs. Not only to discover new interests, but to discover jobs in the field that I may enjoy better. I also want to take advantage of the opportunities my work study provides me with videography, virtual reality, and sound engineering; things I already know that I am interested in. 

Specifically, and unrelated to graphic design, I want to join the figure skating club. It an interest I have always had, but I have also heard that it helps to be creative and think of ideas better when you walk around, rather than when you are sitting and forcing yourself to be creative at a certain time. 

I also want to join MACS (Michigan Association of Communication Studies) so I can get opportunities to network, talk to other students with similar career interests, and learn of careers I may have never heard of within the field of Communications. I also was thinking of proposing to the Video Studio in the Duderstadt Center a music video to produce. I enjoy producing video, but haven’t been able to explore it much. In terms of classes, I have picked a range of classes next semester to fill my curiosity in topics within and outside of my major.

In the end, this internship has shown me that I still need to explore my options, but to also enjoy my last year of school by learning stuff outside the field of communications. 


I am a Communications student at the University of Michigan. I love singing, graphic design, and anything creative.

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