Making the Most of My Internship | #1

In his article, Making the Most of Your Internship, Dr. Randall S. Hansen talks about the importance of setting personal goals. This point really resonates with me because I believe I work the most efficiently when there is an end product I am reaching for. It is hard to feel motivated when you don’t know what you are working to obtain. Throughout this internship I want to strengthen my work ethic. Since I am graduating next year, it is important that I am confident and comfortable in the office environment. I also want to gain a sense of clarity about my future path. Although I may not end up in the same field I currently reside in, I hope to be openminded and explore every aspect of it in order to distinguish what I do and do not enjoy. At the end of my internship, I will be giving a presentation on a project I will have worked on throughout the program. I want to leave feeling I put my best work and effort toward this project and be extremely proud of my overall work. I want to leave this internship believing that both my self and my ability has flourished and matured. 

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