Midpoint Check-in | #4

My goal was to always enjoy what I am learning, to not forget the bigger meaning behind what I am doing and to not let the learning curve beat me. My goal was to embrace the learning curve.

I stick by this goal most of the times and other times I forget to remember the positive factors of even struggling in doing the work that you are assigned. Sometimes, I underestimate my abilities, which is not the best idea when you are trying to successful. My new goal is a work-in-progress. It is to never underestimate myself and to always tackle problems with an attitude that doesn’t break easily by intimidating tasks. In the case where I think highly of myself because that is the attitude I want to go into work tomorrow, if you are as good as you think you are then it’s all going to play out.

So, I am making progress. Sometimes slowly and sometimes faster than expected. The one thing that I do want to work on is to tackle the task at hand BEFORE I get intimidated and daunted by the surface. I have realized that once you start getting deeper into something, it only makes more sense to you. Hopefully I can remember this the next time I get stuck at something or THINK that I need help when I can most definitely figure it out on my own.

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