On Culture: Disciplined People, Disciplined Thought, Disciplined Action | #2

The second week at Investopedia is beyond awesome and I’m loving it.

Generally speaking, Investopedia has a pretty laid back and chilled work cultures. Everyone is so helpful and passionate about their work! I am – taking baby steps – introducing myself to new colleagues every day, learning more about different job scopes in the company while mastering the skills necessary to succeed in my own tasks.

I genuinely appreciate my supervisor for his effort in conducting a one-on-one training session during the first two days of my internships — walking me through every important step and explaining all the fundamental details — to make my transition even smoother. The training session, definitely, makes my life a lot easier.

On Wednesday, our CEO, Mr. David Siegel, hosts a book club session and leads the discussion on the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Most of our discussions focus on the notion of disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action. On disciplined people, our VP of Client Services (a Wolverine too!) shares her own experiences in hiring as she firmly believes that it is better to take time and find the right people on board than to rush into hiring the wrong people: nothing kills the culture faster than getting the wrong people on the team. On disciplined thought and action, we touch on the importance of choosing what not to do within each department. I really enjoy the book club session a lot as it allows me to learn more about the company’s vision and culture.

Setback-of-the-week: Since my work involves processing raw data that consists of more than 350,000 rows of information, the Microsoft Excel (I’m a MacBook user) crashes all the time! Imagine my anxiety and stress when I couldn’t retrieve my “unsaved” Excel document after working (forget to save) for more than 3 hours. (T.T)



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