Overcoming Obstacles #5

Obstacles are apart of everyday life, especially when you’re starting something new. This summer when I began my new internship I wasn’t aware of what exactly I would be doing everyday, what kind of tasks I would  be given and whether or not I’d be good at any of it. As the internship has went on, I have had a variety of experiences and tasks. One of my biggest obstacles is not constantly being nervous whenever I’m asked to do something. I have always had the personality of doing everything to the best of my ability, wanting to impress whoever I’m playing for or working for, and not messing up. Luckily for me, I haven’t had any obstacles that I then failed at, however one of the things that I do whenever I am asked to do something is ask a lot of questions. I’ve always been someone who asks questions when I don’t know something, it’s something my parents taught me when I was little “if I don’t know, ask”. This luckily has prevented me from messing up the given tasks but while I have completed tasks, anytime there is something I can do better or something that will help me when the tasks in the future my supervisors share with me. I have been adjusting and adapting to the way things are done around here and it has made me more comfortable to become less nervous however I will never not be nervous because it keeps me from slacking.

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