Overcoming Obstacles: A Lesson from “Interning 101” l #5

It’s an enemy every green intern must confront: the copy machine. There is no task more daunting than being asked to make four copies each of eight different scripts. The process of hole punching and binding scripts is very specific when it comes to television. I had to three hole punch, brad, and organize a total of 32 scripts by 4pm today for an Executive Assistant. Not only did I have to wrestle with the copying machine (an especially high tech one, I might add) to figure out where to begin, the light turned red half way through and a sign reading ERROR flashed across the screen. I panicked. There was no one around to ask for help. It took me ten minutes to figure out that the tray was out of paper. After carefully reloading the copier, I thought I had fixed the problem. I returned to my desk to let the printing commence while I did other work, and later discovered that I had reloaded the wrong size paper. More than half of the scripts were printed incorrectly, and I scrambled to finish the correct ones while I reprinted the others. I finished at exactly 4pm and had a small heart attack and sweaty hairline to show for it. In the end, everything ended up alright and I was able to cover up my error. Obstacles like this one are inevitable when interning in an unfamiliar environment. I’m just glad I overcame this one…

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