Summer 2017 | #3

Already into my third blog post, I am starting to get ready to soon pack up my things and head home in about 3 weeks. There are days where I don’t have a lot of workload and there are days where I don’t have to go in at all. But in this blog post, I want to focus on the people I have met working at the Public Defenders office. For one, a lot of them are law school students already on their paths to pursue their dreams in the legal field. There are a couple of undergraduates around from U of M but I really only know two. I have learned a little bit about each of them throughout the past few weeks and from the conversations we’ve had I have come to many realizations. One of them is able to afford her own rent and support her lifestyle all by herself. But here I am getting allowances from my parents every month which isn’t exactly a problem but I came to realize that some people around my age are already very independent. Besides that, everyone else has been extremely generous and warm. I’ve seen the law students’ growth week by week as they stand in court every Tuesday and it’s amazing how far they have come and how comfortable they’ve come to be standing in front of a judge to make their case. It’s mind blowing to think that those days are not too far ahead of me but with their guidance and advice, I’ve ordered my first LSAT book over the weekend and I’m starting to take one more step towards graduate school!

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