Sweden: Swedish Fish, Meatballs, and Cinnamon Buns

Two of my friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Sweden that proved to be rather difficult for the three of us. First there is Abby and I who are located in Warsaw and my friend Zach who is an intern in Berlin. Abby and I decided that she would Uber to my house and from there we would head to the airport. Well, Abby’s Uber took her to the Warsaw Zoo… and we were already running late for our flight as it was. Eventually, I ended up meeting her at the airport and we made it to Sweden around 10 am safe and sound. Next comes Zach, who was supposed to land at 6 pm because he had to work that day. His coworkers told him that he should get to the Berlin Airport an hour before his flight departs. However, his bus ran late and he arrived 10 minutes before his plane was supposed to depart. He was very frantic because there was a long line for check in so he ended up booking a flight for later that day through a different airport. Then, he had to take the metro around the city and wait for his new flight that ended up getting delayed. While waiting, he checked his email and found that his first flight had also been delayed by two hours so he would have actually made it in the first place (oops). While Abby and I were there, we found out that this weekend was Mid Summer’s Eve and Day, which is where basically everything in Sweden shuts down for the weekend. This was not in our favor because we were very limited to what we could do in the short amount of time there.

On Saturday, the three of us planned on getting as much done as possible in the one full day that we had there because Abby and I had a flight to catch Sunday morning. In Sweden, there are these cinnamon buns called Kanelbullar, which were very good and I would highly recommend them because I got them for breakfast each morning (double oops). Also, Abby and I lived the dream of eating Swedish meatballs for lunch and they were everything and more. Lastly, I ate my favorite candy (Swedish fish) in Sweden because, did I really go to Sweden if I didn’t eat Swedish fish? It’s like going to Canada and never eating Tim Horton’s. Although I fell in love with their food, I did not fall in love with their prices. When people tell you that Sweden is expensive, wow they are not wrong. For dinner, we were looking at the drinks menu and it was $23 for a long island, which I would spend about $6 on here in Poland.

The three of us were taking pictures on a bridge that led to Old Town when I heard Zach yell “Go Blue!” to someone behind me. I looked over because I was curious as to who he was talking to and it was my friend Allen! We were both very taken aback to see each other because he thought I was in Poland (because no one can actually keep track as to where I am on any given day) and I thought he was still in the US. It was crazy to me to actually run into someone that I know in a foreign city across the world, but it was very cool because we were also staying at the same hostel! We agreed to meet up later that night for the pub crawl that was taking place in Old Town.

Afterwards, we went to the Vasa Museum because that is the number one thing that you have to do if you are visiting Stockholm. This museum displays a 17th century ship that sunk on it’s maiden voyage, but it sunk in the main harbor and everyone still died. When visiting this museum, I had high hopes that I would know what caused the boat to sink because there was an entire museum dedicated to this one ship! However, that was not the case because they have no idea why it sunk or whose fault it was so that was semi-disappointing to me.

We didn’t have much time after that because we had to get ready for dinner and the pub crawl that started at 8 pm. I got the Swedish Hash and to my surprise it was very good, but that is probably because I layered it with ketchup. Afterwards, we went on the pub crawl where we went to four bars and a club, but we were all so exhausted from the day that we headed back relatively early. Except, Abby and I stopped for gyros on our way home and it was probably the best (and cheapest) thing I had all weekend because I am a sucker for Greek food.

Honestly, I wish that I had more time to explore Sweden as a whole because it is a very beautiful country that deserves more than one weekend, but sadly I do not have the time (nor money) for that right now. I hope to go back when I am a real person with a real job so I can afford more than three days there. Except, at the beginning of August, Abby and I will be heading to Norway for the weekend! So I am not done with the Northern countries just yet, but my wallet might be.

Now, the story doesn’t end here because Abby and I headed back to Warsaw early the next day, but we didn’t head straight for home. We headed straight for the European Gelato Festival that was happening right here in Warsaw! We got to try 18 different types of gelato and vote on the one that we thought was the best. I made sure to skip lunch so that I could be a fair judge and try every single flavor. Somehow, we pushed through and casted our vote. After that, we headed home in a gelato coma.

Sweden was everything I hoped and dreamed that it would be, but I am excited to visit Zach in Berlin this weekend!

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  • July 3, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    Ahh, your airport story sounds like a nightmare! I’m glad you all made it safe and sound and were able to explore some of the food, museum, and nightlife. Excited to read about Berlin 🙂


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