Work Environment at the StubHub Center

The workplace culture at Levy is something that I definitely will think about for a long time coming. It is one of the most positive atmospheres I have worked in or been a part of. With so much going on with everyday small events to larger events like Major League Soccer, to the National Football League, it is great to see everyone in a calm manner and working diligently. To me, work culture is defined as the way in which people go about their actions to better the company they are working for. For me, the way to make sure my actions are well thought out I am going to make sure I am here for every staff member, most importantly, my boss in a time of need. I think this is paralleled to the definition sought out by Levy. The only thing Levy might add to this is an aspect of food to their definition of work culture as in the end Levy is a “family of passionate restaurateurs.” In considering my ideal work culture/environment, the elements that are most important to my growth as a professional include social life within the workplace, work-ethic, and organization. As long as you work hard, usually things are going to go well. Along with working hard becomes being organized so it is easier for both you and your coworkers to do work. Finally, it is important in my professional career to make bonds and friends in the workplace because after all this is who I am going to spend the most time with.

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  • July 21, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    Great reflection – It is so important to feel comfortable in your work environment. As you navigate your next opportunities, remember what you appreciated about this experience as you evaluate future organizations.


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