New Adventure in a Familiar Place | #1

Before I tell you a little bit about my internship, let me introduce myself. My name is Sandy Shaba, I am a rising junior in LS&A studying international studies. I am from Pennsylvania, living in a town that is roughly 4.5 hours away from Ann Arbor. Before I started my summer internship at the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good at the U of M School of Education, I actually worked at the Forum as an office assistant during the fall and winter semesters. Coming into an internship where I know all of the people I work with and have a handle on how the office works has been really great because I am already accustomed to the office and do not have to worry about learning how to be comfortable in  a foreign setting. While some of my office assistant work still carries into my internship, I have been able to take on more interesting projects while being an intern. I was able to work on the New Leadership Academy Mid-Year Retreat that was held in Ann Arbor in June, and currently I am doing research on issues with free speech on campus.

Being able to take on this internship also guaranteed me a summer in A2, which is something I was and still am very excited about. Central campus feels so much different during the summer, especially with all the orientation groups walking around and making me feel so old. The summer has given me more time to explore the part of A2 that is beyond the Michigan campus, but I definitely still need to do more exploring because I do not think I have seen nearly enough of this city.

So join me in my summer in A2 experience, I have already spent over 2 months here but so many more experiences are on the way!

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