Culture culture culture

Work culture is something that I’ve been struggling with, particularly with this job at the non-profit organization I am working at being anything but a regular, run-of-the-mill job. While the words “collectivistic” and “egocentric” and “individualistic” may appear as buzzwords, it’s painfully relevant and apparent in the life that I am living right now. My American peers often tease me for thinking about unfinished assignments during dinner, and often berate me for bringing up ‘work talk’ at social gatherings. For them, time off the clock is exactly what it is. A quote that I cannot shake out of my mind was made by a co-worker who said “I am not being paid to worry about this job after 5pm”. That made me wonder, if this is a country that so greatly prioritises ‘being passionate about what you do’, does that mean passion ends when the workday does? Or does it mean we are all just actually dispassionate about the things we do? Work culture can be anything, based on what you define as work, and what you define as culture. It’s important to me that conversation is a regular occurrence, and not just day-in-day-out hellos and goodbyes. But proper conversations, like the one I just had with my employer regarding the discrepancy between mine and my coworker’s ‘work culture’. We came to conclusions, my supervisor proposed a solution, and now I can move forward knowing that my voice was heard.

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