Diversity within Levy

Diversity at the StubHub Center

The diversity within the workplace at the StubHub Center is something that I noticed on day one. To begin, the StubHub Center is located in Carson, California. This area is certainly not an affluent part of Los Angeles, rather fairly povertized by lack of jobs and violence. Furthermore, I noticed in the workplace that there were many minorities working and many of whom speak Spanish. This connected with me because I was just in Spain studying abroad and practicing the use of my Spanish. I converse with some of my coworkers in Spanish because they understand me better and it is also fun. I am also seeing my desire for hospitality in a different light. I did not know that so many people were interested in the industry like I was. It is a love for pleasing others that you must endure to be successful. Also, I am very thankful to be in college as some coworkers have not had the opportunity to learn in a collegiate atmosphere. Many times I tell people where I go to school and they smile and are happy for me that I am pursuing a degree from the University of Michigan. Finally, this internship’s diversity has made me realize how large the world we live in is. Everyone is different in there own way and you need to be thankful for what you have whether that be something small or big. Put yourself in other’s shoes and work hard; it will help you reach your dreams!

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