First Day on the Job #1

So this is my 1st blog post, but in reality I’ve already been out in LA for the past 3 weeks. I’m actually am pursuing two internships this summer — one at this neat little company called Gilbert Films that is responsible for producing some pretty big films. Their roster includes La La Land and The Kids Are All Right. At Gilbert Films, I’m working under their VP of Development and my day-to-day job mostly consists of reading scripts and writing coverage. I’ve been given a fair amount of responsibility for an intern — yesterday the coverage I wrote determined whether or not our company will choose to finance a big film that is going into production this month! I’m also at Studio 71, a young company that manages Youtube channels. I’m working under the Talent Management Team, focusing on optimizing youtube channels to garner more views and cataloging information to help run the backend of Youtube. I’ve done some pretty cool things that aren’t directly in my job description. For example, last Monday and Tuesday I was a Production Assistant for a new pilot on Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s youtube channel. This past Friday, I got the opportunity to work at VidCon and even got to hang with some YouTube stars at our company’s after-party.


I’m looking forward to a really great summer moving forward!

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  • July 16, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    Nikita, your internship sounds like a SAC majors dream come true! I look forward to reading about your experience!!


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