First Week of Internship

Located in Midtown, NYC, the office hides in a small building facing lots of traffics and pedestrians. It feels great to be able to work in the city and the first week a precious journey for me, for the reason that it is my first internship during University. The first week was basically a learning phase—reading materials, study notes, textbooks, etc written by the founders of the company. I thought the process would be the same as attending a university, but it turned out to be very informational and enjoyable. This learning phase helped determine my goals in this internship—to learn as much as possible and to obtain as much information as possible in the related field (ABS, credit rating, and Finance in general). The owners and my supervisor in the company are experts and the source to fulfill such goal. Other interns are friendly and helpful. To my surprise, they are students from top universities such as Cornell, Brown, NYU, Columbia, etc. I enjoyed conversations with them and the lunch-break chats. In sum, the first week of the internship was like a mix of being a student and an intern, learning new concepts and knowledges while looking forward to participating and applying knowledge to practice. It’s a weird feeling but I suddenly want to shout out “Go Blue!” to NYC. I just feel proud to be a wolverine while interacting with other intelligent people. Looking forward to the following weeks ahead. Go Blue!

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