Informational Meeting 2

Maria Backman
ALA 225 SP 2017

Informational Interview 2

My second informational interview was one for the books. The amount of insight and knowledge that was down poured was immense, it definitely gave me a clue on my path to becoming a lawyer. I connected with this attorney through my supervisor, who believed a meeting with him would be helpful. He was successful in his practice and loved his job – it showed in his work.

Speaking to this Real Estate attorney, it was great to hear that he had come from humble beginnings and didn’t graduate from a major law school and his business was doing well. He worked downtown in Manhattan and had dealings with many real estate brokers and explained the basics of business. One piece of great advice was if I am interested in practicing in real estate, getting a license in real estate would be more lucrative. He broke down the differences in commissions between the two and advised that it was more profitable to do so. He also informed me of learning the ins-and-outs to condominiums and the benefits of it, especially in New York where there’s always a need for it in the market.

The meeting went really well and he was able to connect me with other attorneys who thrive in the practice. Also gave me great insight about being in law school. I was even offered an internship at his firm. He explained to me that he still had time for his family and friends, wasn’t consumed with work, and was able to have a life. Also mentioned the process of going from a big firm to a smaller firm and how he enjoyed the interaction with clients which is something that I definitely want. It gave me a perspective on a possible career path. At the end of the meeting, he showed me a client list and examples of what he does, it was pretty cool.

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