Orientation | #3

Hi all!

I’ve just had my first day at the WeWork office, and all I can say is that I cannot wait for the rest of the summer!
Today was just an orientation for the interns, but I can already tell I am going to love working for this company.

Upon walking into the main community space where the orientation was held, I saw that I would be working along side 75 other interns from all over the country. After meeting some of my fellow interns, we were given a laptop and a long presentation about the company and what to expect this summer.

A few different people from the company came to talk to us about their respective departments, such as the law, HR and culture departments. This gave us some insight into the company we would be working for, and also some expectations the company had of us– such as how we should represent the company on social media.

Although the orientation went from almost 9:30-4, the room was energetic all day. The people supervising the orientation kept us all engaged with various activities (and pizza).

After the presentations were over, we were introduced to our managers that we would be working for all summer. My manager gave me a tour of the office and briefly told me what I should expect to be working on this summer.

Overall, it was a super interesting day, and definitely got me excited for the rest of the summer!

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