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I am working as a marketing and PR intern this summer, and I definitely prefer the marketing aspect over the PR aspect. I realized that I prefer marketing more when I was given my first few marketing tasks and realized that I could be more creative and unique in marketing strategies. For example, I was given the task to promote a Father’s Day Special for a NJ Golf Club, and I took it upon myself to design a graphic for the special and use it in the promotional Facebook post. I felt very successful when I saw the amount of “likes” and “shares” my graphic received! Although I am definitely still interested in a marketing career, I realized that there are so many other positions and careers that could interest me that I haven’t tried out yet. One specific area that I’m interested in is sales, and I am planning on completing the Cappo Sales Track through Ross in order to learn more about a sales career and gain experience in the role. I already completed MKT 310 as part of the track, and it really opened my mind to a sales career. The Sales Track can also help me gain more experience in marketing as well, since one of the classes required for it is MKT 300 (302) which is marketing management. This class can teach me more of the fundamentals of marketing if I decide that I want to stick with marketing, and also aspects of management – which I am currently very interested in, but know that a management position is unlikely for me to obtain straight out of college. I am only 20 years old, and have my whole life ahead of me, and I want to experience a variety of positions before I really become “set” in a career. I am also interested in consulting positions along with business strategy positions – and I can take a strategy class through Ross in order to learn more about business strategy. This summer really taught me, overall, that there are so many “business” positions, and I really need to learn about them all (and experience them in a job setting) before I know what suits me best!

In addition to taking classes and completing the sales track, I will be searching for a summer 2018 internship in a variety of positions. This past summer I only wanted a marketing internship, but now that I am open to more career possibilities, I will be applying to internships that incorporate consulting, management, sales, and more!

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