Shifting Gears, Slightly | #2

My LSRS&R/826michigan shirt, atop an envelope of student work from which to choose contenders for publication.

Now that the school year is complete and the various programs (in-school, tutoring, field trips) are also complete, my focus has shifted just a bit. Those school year programs culminated in chapbooks, or little paper booklets, of the student work completed within said programs. While those were in session, I put together many of those chapbooks from typing up the work to stapling and binding the books together.

Since those programs ended and after finishing the last batch of chapbooks, my supervisor and I have been tackling the timeline for the OMNIBUS – 826michigan’s annual big publication. So far it’s been lots of administrative stuff: moving student information from one google sheets document to another, changing proposed program descriptions into the past tense, etc. I’ve also been reading through collections of student writing from this past year’s programs to select contenders – and soon-to-be acceptances – for the published journal. One such collection is in this featured image: the stack of handwritten stories in the manila envelope.

It helps to have what seems like a natural editorial eye for this kind of thing, but I will say that out of this envelope, I only chose four pieces to be considered. This puts my own writing submissions into perspective (I write poetry and then send it to the void in hopes that it gets published): editors have a lot of reading to do, and sometimes all it takes is one glance to decide whether or not to keep it in the mix. Luckily, my supervisor and I have many, many other stories to read and already have quite a batch started for the OMNIBUS.

Otherwise, it hasn’t been too exciting since the programs ended. Hopefully I get to help out with the writing workshops offered this summer; I really liked working with younger students during May! For now, it’s all OMNIBUS and Robots. And, I finally got my 826michigan shirt, also pictured.

(Side note: The title of this blog was not originally intended to be a pun.)

Haley W

Rising LSA senior studying Creative Writing & Literature hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Summer editorial intern at 826michigan, a non-profit organization that provides free writing and tutoring services for students ages 6-18 in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit.

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