Striving to Succeed (#1)

For my summer internship at Live Nation Entertainment working in the digital media department, I hope to gain a better understanding of the different professions that typically fall under the “Communications” major while also meeting and networking with as many people as possible.  In terms of what I hope to accomplish, my main objective by the end of the summer is to feel confident in navigating all the different technology platforms used on a day-to-day basis by the digital media group to produce effective worldwide advertising.  Additionally, I hope to become fluent and comfortable in making excel data tables for upcoming tour campaigns and hope to have a thorough understand of every type of data metric used to measure a marketing campaign’s success.  Although I have clear objectives that I hope to accomplish by the end of the summer, what I hope to take away from my experience at Live Nation stretches far beyond any technical skills I acquire.  By the time I leave Live Nation, I hope to have a better sense of what it actually takes to work your way up such a large and diverse company.  I want to feel like I gained a realistic understanding of the company’s culture and what it is like to work at a company with so many branches, divisions and heads.  I have always seen myself working up the ladder at a big company and eventually reaching a top position, so I hope by the end of the summer I am able to walk away with clarity on whether I want to work my way up or instead be my own boss.   Lastly and most importantly, I hope to leave Live Nation with many new relationships and connections that will help me in the future to grow and succeed.  If I walk away from the summer knowing a few more people and possessing a few more skills than I did when I came in, I will be very pleased.

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