#4 Midpoint Check-In

The goals I set several weeks ago are to leave with tangible results and to network with other interns. Since I still have a month and a week left until the end dates, I can’t say yet that I finished the project, but I am definitely making progress. I had two design reviews two weeks ago, which is a milestone within a product development process where a design is evaluated against its requirements to verify the outcomes before committing to further work. For the first design review, I received many comments about the structures of the document, so I had to make a revision and do the second design review. I believe I gained an important lesson in my internship to be able to talk about the project I am working on to my team and to accept the feedbacks and implement them quickly. I was complimented on revisioning the design document quickly. I was nervous too because the feedbacks were mostly possible edge cases I haven’t thought about and my mistakes in the design decisions. But It was something I have never done in school, and it is a good industry experience!

The second goal is to network with other interns. This I think I have to try harder. I am getting along with my team very well, but I haven’t met a lot of other interns yet because the Amazon buildings are very spread out in Seattle, and usually, I only see people on my floor during the day. But I am going to a small group dinner events for interns, so I hope I will get to know more interns soon 🙂


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