Blog #1: Internship Goals

As I continue to encroach upon the start date of my internship, I can’t help but wonder how and where my excitement will be allocated and directed once I being my day-to-day tasks. Over the course of my internship this summer, I hope to gain a taste of what a working member of 21st century injury goes through on a daily basis. A specific goal that I have set out to accomplish over the course of the next few months or so, is to find my place and fit into a certain role in the scheme of office dynamics. In business and group settings, sometimes I find myself feeling uncomfortable with the responsibilities and tasks given to my by those in charge. I want to use the experiences this summer at Wine n’ Dine to learn how to craft a personal office dynamic that coherently vibes and fits in with the dynamics of the rest of the office.

A goal I have set out to acquire and learn from this summer is how to speak up and ask questions, even when I believe the inquires to be nag worthy and/or stupid. Although I can get easily catch the feeling that supervisor’s are too preoccupied with more important duties than to answer my tedious questions. I hope that by the completion of an experience as such, I will contain the confidence and office stature to speak up for myself and make sure that what I am doing is correct and productive.

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