Blog 3: M&C Millennial

I’m feeling my identity as a millennial come to light through my internship at M&C Saatchi.

It’s not that often that you’re asked to reflect on your specific identities–as much as a I have a sense of who I am, it’s rare that I try and pinpoint the parts of me that make me who I am. I just think of myself as Lexie, not as how I fit into the world. I’m just me.

Working at such a young, fast-paced company positioned within a creative industry has made me think of my place here, and within the world, as millennial–a young person who’s fresh perspective and modern take on the industry is valued. Like I said, it’s rare that I think of myself as a 21 year old, but being at a creative agency has made me more attuned to my responsibility as one. People are excited to hear your ideas and your opinions, because you’re part of the generation that’s going to consume the product they’re seeking to put out there, and seeking for 21 year olds like myself to covet.

I refer to my identity as a millennial as a responsibility because it’s within my, and all millennials’, power to shape the trajectory of the future–to contribute to the next big thing, the next big idea, be the creator of something incredible that could change the world. I’m not saying the work I’m doing is necessarily contributing to some universe-altering positive change, but it’s brought the strength and the value of the millennial mind to light.

We’re the designers of the future.

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